Visit and limited stay visa

Limited stay visa is issued for the following activities:

  1. Occupational activities
  2. Non-occupational activities

Occupational activities include:

  1. Professional;
  2. Activities on a ship, floating devices or installations operating in Indonesian waters, continental shelves and in the
  3. Indonesian EEZ;
  4. Activities as clergy;
  5. Professional activities on a freelance basis;
  6. Commercial filming activities with the permission of relevant authorities;
  7. Monitoring the quality of goods and production;
  8. Inspection or audit of branches of a company in Indonesia;
  9. Support Service;
  10. Installation and repair of machines;
  11. Non-permanent activity in the context of a construction project;
  12. Art, music or sports;
  13. Professional sports;
  14. Medical care;
  15. Prospective foreign workers as part of an ability test.

Non-occupational activities

  1. Operation of foreign investments;
  2. Operation of education and scientific research;
  3. Participation in training courses;
  4. Family Reunion;
  5. Return;
  6. Older foreign travelers.

Foreign nationals entitled to the family reunion include:

  1. foreign national wishing to join their Indonesian husband or wive;
  2. foreign national wishing to join their husband or wife who are in possession of a limited residence permit or an unlimited residence permit;
  3. children from legal marriage between foreign national and Indonesian national;
  4. Unmarried children under the age of 18 who wish to join their parents who are in possession of a limited residence permit or unlimited residence permit.