The Third Largest Democracy

As mandated by its Constitution, Indonesia has been and will always be an active player in maintaining international peace and achieving global prosperity.

Indonesia is home to more than 500 ethnic groups, where more than 700 local languages and dialects are spoken. Despite this diversity, Indonesia is a living proof of tolerance and respect. As country with the largest Muslim population, Indonesia has also been able to demonstrate that democracy and Islam can co-exist peacefully and harmoniously. These unique experiences have made Indonesia a keen proponent in advancing mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples.

Furthermore, Indonesia have organized series of interfaith dialogue as part of the efforts to bridge various religious groups. As socially and culturally diverse nation, and as a nation that has completed its social transformation into the third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia is ready to share its experiences and best practices with the International community.

Indonesia continues to promote democracy at the global level, predominantly through the Bali Democracy Forum (BDF). BDF has been expanded to other regions with the formation of the 2017 BDF Chapter Tunis and the BDF Chapter Berlin in 2018. BDF is also now enlarged by the involvement of millenials and the contribution of the media and civil society.