Current Health Regulations on Entry

All entrants to Indonesia are currently required to follow the following health protocol on entry, in accordance with the latest Circular No. 17/2022 issued by the National Taskforce to Combat Covid-19 (Satgas Covid-19) on 05.04.2022:

  1. Requirement to provide proof of full vaccination (=2 times) for all entrants aged 18 years and above; all entrants aged 6-17 years are exempt from this requirement, but may be vaccinated upon arrival by Indonesian health authorities if they cannot provide proof of vaccination; children under 6 years of age are exempt from this provision.

Entrants who are not allowed to be vaccinated for medical reasons are exempt from the requirement to provide proof of full vaccination; as proof of their exemption from being vaccinated they must present an official medical certificate (with letterhead and stamp).

  1. Presentation of a negative PCR test result; the PCR test may have been carried out max. 48 hours prior to departure.
  2. Proof of having the PeduliLindungi app installed
  3. Proof of the existence of an international health insurance that covers the treatment costs in case of a Covid 19 infection.

There is no longer an obligation to quarantine fully vaccinated / boostered entrants until further notice. According to the above-mentioned circular, the quarantine regulations of their parents or accompanying persons apply to children who have not been vaccinated or have been incompletely vaccinated and entrants who are dependent on an escort.