Media Services

To provide journalistic activities in coordination with the information and media directorate of the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin.

The regulated Journalistic activities are:

  • Covering a series of events within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indonesian Representatives abroad,
  • Foreign media Journalist visits to Indonesia in the context of news reporting and film/documentary film shooting activities,
  • Placement of foreign correspondents in Indonesia and Services for managing documents on the implementation of national and international media tasks.

The embassy provides services for media who would like to conduct filming or media coverage to Indonesia, the service includes:

  • Journalist visit services for foreign journalists in Indonesia
  • Making permanent press cards and temporary press cards
  • Foreign correspondent placement services in Indonesia
  • Making recommendations for making/renewing Temporary Resident Permit Cards (KITAS), Foreign Workers Permit (IMTA) and Self-Reporting Certificate (SKLD)
  • National and International Media facilitation to cover the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Representatives.