Visit B211A

1. Stay
Up to 60 Days (extendable twice, up to 180 days in total)
2. Cost
  1. €110 or tourism purposes
  2. €150 for other purposes (family visits, business meetings, attending conferences/conventions)
3. Processing time
  1. Most tourist visas are processed within five working days.  
  2. Your visa application may take longer to process if the information required for your visa is incomplete or missing.
4. Purpose of Visit
  1. Tourism purposes 
  2. i. Visit family or friends; ii. Business,
5. You must
  1. Be staying in Indonesia for visit purposes only.  
  2. Be financially sufficient during your stay in Indonesia.  
  3. Comply with all visa conditions and Indonesian laws.
6. Other information
  1. You can extend this visa or convert it into another visa or stay permit.
  2. You are prohibited from staying in Indonesia after your stay permit expires.
  3. You are prohibited from carrying out any profit-making activities in any form.
  4. You are prohibited from attending events as a speaker.
  5. Performing prohibited activities, not complying with the terms of your visa, and/or not complying with the laws of Indonesia may result in you paying fines, being deported, and/or other legal charges.
7. Document Requirement
  1. a passport that is valid for at least 6 (six) months (for holders of travel documents other than passports such as emergency passports, documents of identity, etc. must be valid for 12 months).  
  2. Original visa application form  
  3. Two recent color pass photo 
  4. For non-German citizens: valid residence permit and proof of residence 
  5. Roundtrip, outbound, or connecting ticket (within 180 days) 
  6. For purposes as stated in 4.a.: Hotel booking for min. two nights or an invitation letter from an Indonesian sponsor (private person) with a copy of KTP 
  7. For purposes as stated in 4.b.: sponsor letter from an Indonesian sponsor (legal person), incl. proof of business register (No. SIUP/NIB) and Tax ID (NPWP) 
  8. Proof of living expenses of at least €2,000 (two thousand Euros) or equivalent;  
  9. Proof of international health insurance
8. Visa Validity
  1. This visa must be used within 90 days from the date of issue. 
  2. Please note that the visa validity period is different from the period of stay. Kindly check your visa for the period of stay Information.
9. Application
  1. Visit visa can be acquired online through or directly at the Embassy. Please refer to this application form.
  2. The detailed information in German can be found here.
  3. Please note that holders of temporary passports (Vorläufiger Reisepass) MUST apply directly through the Embassy.
Holders of German travel documents (Reiseausweis) can only apply for a visa through a sponsor in Indonesia (travel agents, hotels). The Embassy is not entitled to issue visas for holders of travel documents.